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Natasha: Taking off at WINALITE Despite Ups and Downs on the Road to Success


Personal Profile:

Shnichenya Natasha Viktorovna, Ph. D candidate of Economics, successively studied in several high education schools and is educated in the fields of industrial economy and structure, economy and labor organization, and marketing and promotion. She is now living in Moscow City. In 1999 she started to engage in the direct sales industry and made prominent achievements in lots of enterprises. In April 2008, she officially served WINALITE, and so far she has extended its services to such countries as Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia, America, Canada, and other countries.

Winning in WINALITE

Shnichenya Natasha Viktorovna, a preeminent marketing expert and Ph. D candidate of Economics, she successively studied in the Moscow Kasarchena Textile Labor Red Banner Badge Academy, the Shvernik Trade Union of Higher Education Institute, and the Foreign Trade Training United Institute and so she has many attainments in the fields of industrial economy and structure, economy and labor organization, and marketing and promotion.

In 1999, Natasha started to engage in the direct sales industry and she frequently made remarkable achievements through her intelligence and perseverance. At the very beginning, she served a France-based direct sales enterprise and soon won the qualification of “Business Expert.” Later, she worked in a China-based company in which she was conferred the title “Four-Star Distributors” within only six months even though she, beforehand, never had even gone outside of Moscow City. After leaving the China-based company she successively served three more direct sales companies and once achieved sales revenues of US$ 1 million in her first month of work. One year later, she again hit a sales record in her company.

In January, 2008, Mr. Zhang Deyin from China recommended her for WINALITE INTERNATIONAL, an emerging China-based direct sales enterprise. After being warmly invited by Mr. Zhang, Natasha flew to Guangzhou of China to inspect WINALITE INTERNATIONAL on site so as to learn about the enterprise’s development planning and trends. At the first sight of the company, she spoke highly of its operation philosophy and leader, but she was refused to join the enterprise because she was running her own direct sales company.

After returning home, Natasha acutely found that the real estate industry in Russia was on the verge of a crisis, so she knew that the development prospect for her company in Russia was limited. However, WINALITE INTERNATIONAL as a transnational company is committed to cultivating internationally renowned brands, and thus its development visions are boundless. Due to this, she persuaded herself to join the business platform of WINALITE to carve out a new scope of operations. On April 25, 2008, Natasha signed a contract with WINALITE INTERNATIONAL, officially joining WINALITE INTERNATIONAL.

In the first month after her joining WINALITE, Natasha’s sales revenues hit US$ 45,000. Initial successes in WINALITE redoubled Natasha’s faith in success. Through unceasing hard work, she has established developed sales networks in such countries as Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Georgia, and Uzbekistan, extending her services to countries where there are Russian people settling down. Today, her sales network has extended to other European countries like Germany, Italy, Portugal, and Slovenia, and she also started to build up a sales network in Britain, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Serbia, Macedon, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Montenegro, and Bulgaria. Later, she will focus on development to America, Canada, Australia, and Israel, in addition to developing services in Egypt, Mongolia, and Turkey where the WINALITE project was just launched. Natasha plans to personally, officially, and promptly oversee the company’s entry into these countries so as to develop services to create an expanded market development space and future.

Ups and Downs on the Road to Success

Naturally, any road to Success is not just whatever one wants it to be, and Natasha also experienced many ups and downs on her road to success. When WINALITE INTERNATIONAL first entered the Russian market, “WINALITE Cyclone” nearly edged WINALITE INTERNATIONAL into a real predicament. Due to some of Russia’s special characteristics and WINALITE INTERNATIONAL’s insufficient preparatory work (like delayed supporting measures), WINALITE INTERNATIONAL suffered huge setbacks in the Russian market, and some Winaliters started to recede, but Natasha continued forging ahead. On the one hand, she actively communicated with the company management to figure out solutions; on the other hand she dedicated herself to market development and maintenance. With the further improvement of the Eurasian market management mechanism, the company properly resolved lots of problems, and the Eurasian regional market again witnessed booming development trends.

Straightforwardness, loyalty, kindness, diligence, and professionalism are indispensable characteristics of a network leader, and having strong capacity for organization and management is also important. Natasha was always strictly in line with the foresaid standard. At the very beginning, the WINALITE cause in Russia encountered numerous difficulties, but WINALITE finally tided over these problems, so Natasha took “Ups and Downs on the Road to Success” as her motto as well as named her team with the motto, symbolizing that all team members got through ups and downs on the road to success as well as made numerous material and spiritual achievements.

Natasha said that she agreed with the company philosophy, “Technology Creates Love.” In her point of view, a man is not consummated until he loves the whole world, and in turn, so then shall the company. Only after the company loves the whole world can the company be number one in the world.

Upon hearing Vincent Chen’s words, “We will be No.1 in the Chinese direct sales industry within three years, then we will be No.1 in the world direct sales industry within five years,” at the 2010 WINALITE INTERNATIONAL Global Congress, Natasha was inspired greatly and she said that to achieve such a great goal, the company employees should team up with market leaders of different countries. She also expressed that her team will also muster all their strength so as to accomplish this great mission!




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